• Taking Care of Your Child’s Oral Health

    The health of the child is important to parents. However, most of the time, oral health is often forgotten. This is equally important as neglecting your child’s oral health could cause tooth decay, which could cause pain and tooth loss. Moreover, bad oral hygiene could also lead to other problems, including heart disease and diabetes. Teaching your child early on proper oral care is recommended to prevent oral problems, as well as help them develop this habit, which they would bring with them until they grow up. Here’s how you can help your child take care of his oral hygiene.

    Be a Role Model

    Before even teaching your child to take care of his teeth and gums, you should set a good example yourself. Children look up to their parents and often imitate what they see in them. If you show them how it’s done, there’s a bigger chance that it wouldn’t be that difficult to make them do it as you live by example.

    Guide Him in Brushing

    As soon as your baby’s first teeth come out, brushing should be started. There are toothbrush and toothpaste that are designed for babies that you can use. Even before his teeth come out, dabbing the gums with wet clean cloth is recommended to help remove bacteria. Gently guide your kid in brushing his teeth when he reaches 2. By the time that he’s 4 or 5, he should be able to do it by himself, still with your supervision.

    Assist Him in Flossing

    Plaques and food particles can’t be removed by brushing alone. This is because there are hard to reach areas between the teeth and along the gum lines that can only be reached through flossing. You can start this at the age of 4. However, kids can usually do this alone when they reach 8 or 10.

    Visit the Dentist

    As with brushing, visit to the dentist should be done as soon as his first tooth shows up. You can find an affordable dentist who is an expert in dental and oral care. Preventive care would be given so your child could avoid unwanted oral problems.

    Your doctor would give you further instructions on how to take care of your child’s oral health, as well as how often you should go for a regular check up.

    Visit the Orthodontist

    According to a top orthodontist in Richmond Hill, depending on your child’s situation, quality orthodontic work is just about as important as a quality dentist.  It factors in to a complete picture of orthodontic health and should not be underestimated.  Issues that may exist due to jaw and teeth alignment can have far reaching consequences and are not just cosmetic.